Save soil from tarmac. OBJECT TO: Construction of North Fringe to Hengrove Package INCLUDING M32/STOKE LANE JUNCTION

14/01187/FB | Construction of North Fringe to Hengrove Package (NFHP) MetroBus: A rapid bus route between Bristol North and East Fringes to South Bristol via Bristol City Centre comprising new roads and alteration to existing highways to prioritise MetroBus, including widening of Bradley Stoke Way, A 4174 Avon Ring Road at Hambrook junction, Stoke Lane/Coldharbour … Continue reading

Welcome to the Blue Finger blog!

Hello and welcome one and all to the Blue Finger blog! Here you’ll find interesting articles about local food, food issues and ideas, and updates about this campaign to safeguard the Blue Finger for food production. What is the Blue Finger? It’s a strip of grade 1 land in north east Bristol that runs north … Continue reading