Welcome to the Blue Finger blog!

poly tunnel 1209Sept Feed BristolHello and welcome one and all to the Blue Finger blog!

Here you’ll find interesting articles about local food, food issues and ideas, and updates about this campaign to safeguard the Blue Finger for food production.

What is the Blue Finger? It’s a strip of grade 1 land in north east Bristol that runs north into South Gloucestershire.

Why’s it so special? Grade 1 is the highest quality of agricultural land there is. The Blue Finger used to be Bristol’s Market Garden quarter and provided the city with local, seasonal fruit and veg. Now the land’s not protected and is vulnerable to inappropriate development which would result in the loss of this incredible asset.

Here we’re going to invite YOU to contribute to this blog your opinions and experiences about food growing in Bristol and how we can bring the Blue FInger back into productive use to feed Bristolians and the people of South Glos.

FOLLOW this blog and receive updates as they occur. Visit www.bluefingeralliance.org to see the film and delve into the background of this land, plans for its future and the individuals and organisations who are supporting the campaign.

Thanks! Looking forward to keeping in touch with you.

Blue Finger blogger


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blue Finger blog!

  1. The Feed Bristol allotments are looking really beautiful today, Sunday, 9th June, on a day of high summer with brilliant sunshine and light breezes. I have to say, i thoroughly approve of the Blue Finger concept.

    • Thank you Nick! Yes wasn’t Feed Bristol just teeming with life and loveliness, ideas and action today. What an incredible thing Matt’s created in just one year. It gives a real, direct, undeniable sense of what’s achievable on this soil. Which is why we must ensure it’s properly valued and protected. The whole Blue Finger is just an incredible opportunity waiting in the wings. Keep in touch and spread the word! Do get in touch on info@bluefingeralliance.org.uk if you want to be on the mailing list (sorry if you are already!)

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