A Seed Swap is so much more than the swapping of seeds…

What a wonderful day of talks, walks, discussions, sharing, meeting, playing and dancing, cake, soup, sun and hail! There was magic in the air as people realised they were part of a much larger movement to reclaim connection and control over our local food system; from the swapping of seeds to supporting the protection of the soil in which they’re planted. 

A huge THANK YOU to all involved ….(from the organisers to the volunteers; from the teamakers to the plastic sheltering us from rain, lightning and hailstorms; from the seedswappers to the speakers)…… for making such a spectacular and supportive event to help launch The Bristol Blue Finger Alliance and gather more support to go towards protecting and safeguarding high grade land for food growing. This is such a precious resource.  

Please complete/share/send any postcards you picked up from us, to George Ferguson – he will be part of a public debate at the Love Food Festival this Saturday, 2pm (seehttp://www.lovefoodfestival.com/spring-demotheatre.html) and it would be great if he reads your messages by then.

Many thanks, and warm wishes to you all.

Nic, Maddy, Joe, Richard, Matt and the Blue Finger team.


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