Posted in April 2013

Crops for the Future | Crops for the Future

What an amazing organisation and mission… Crops for the Future | Crops for the Future. There are over 30,000 edible plant species worldwide, however, approximately 95% of the world’s food needs are provided for by just  mere 30 of them. Our heavy reliance on these handful of crops made us extremely vulnerable in the context … Continue reading

Land, food and freedom – Lammas style

Homes: land and freedom | Life and style | The Guardian. Living and working the land – low impact, high community, high productivity with no adverse impacts on the land: could Bristol’s rural hinterland look like this? If we’re going to increase sustainable land-based skills and food production on the scale we need to, the … Continue reading

George Monbiot – Strange Fruit

George Monbiot – Strange Fruit. George Monbiot discusses the impact of supermarket imports of fruit on its quality, variety and taste. ‘…we are assaulted with Conference pears, most of which resemble some kind of heavy ordnance, rather than any one of a hundred exquisite varieties such as the Durondeau, Belle Julie, Urbaniste, Glou Morceau, Ambrosia, … Continue reading