Few things are more vital than healthy soil life – NYTimes

The Hidden World of Soil Under Our Feet – NYTimes.com.

Great Article from yesterdays Observer/New York TImes International which begins:

“Few things are more vital than healthy soil life. Our food supply begins there.” And this is what we must contemplate as we in Bristol and the UK make decisions and take actions on our future food systems.

It talks about a new Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative which is underway to assess what is known about soil life, pinpoint where it is endangered, and determine the health of the essential ecosystem services that soil provides. It goes on… “The world’s ocean of soil contains almost 1/3 of all living organisms… and is the second largest carbon repository on the planet (after the oceans)”. 

It goes on…” There are numerous threats to soil life…Soil ‘sealing’ from the asphalt and concrete of suburban sprawl destroys soil life…”

We must decide to not destroy the rich, complex and benevolent soil life that we have in Bristol and protect and upscale our agricultural land and projects.


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